Competitions with Prizes worth £500 each… 

(entries close midnight 31 August 2019)

We invite you to enter up to 3 images of local people who “prepare and serve our delicious food and drink or serve our community in other ways”. We are looking for the best photographs capturing that perfect ‘Bude at work, rest or play’ moment. Think beautiful images that capture the skills, care and concentration of Bude’s community:

  • from a chef making a dish to a lifeguard on the beach
  • from church bell ringer to the Bude town band
  • from lobster fisher to people opening the lock gates
  • from making local cheeses to the carnival
  • from making a pasty to the Blessing of the Sea…

These are just examples, the theme is open to your personal interpretation.

Please take 5 minutes to read the full Terms & Conditions and rules for submission.

Good luck!

Meet the Judges

Photographic competition..

Scott Marshall - Photographer
Uwe Ackermann - Photographer
Aaron Kendall - Photo Editor, The Post Series

With so many enticing rhymes to its name, Bude has been described as “the limerick capital of the world”. You are invited to compose a limerick that includes the name Bude (suitable for a family audience). Here is an example of what can be done with it…

There was a young lady from Bude,
who frequently swam in the nude.
“It’ll bring in the tourists, so let’s not be purists,”
said the Mayor – his binoculars glued!

The limerick is considered by many as cheap, tasteless & disposable. But it has attracted not only humourists such as Edward Lear, Lewis Carroll & Ogden Nash but great literary figures, among them Shakespeare, Kipling & Auden.

Please take 5 minutes to read the full Terms & Conditions and how to submit your entry.

Good luck!

Meet the Judges

Limerick competition…

Suzanne Cleave - Editor, The Post Series
Piers Brendon - Author
Bill Kneebone


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